To ensure that everything on our platform is upto the mark, our writers make it a point to pass their articles through various editors before publishing. Since we genuinely want you the readers to reap all the benefits of the hard work that our team at IndThemes is doing. 

Ella Flores - Founder

At the age of 27 when Ella Flores quit working at Google, she knew she wanted something different, something that was not mainstream. This is when she went back to the idea that she had worked upon during her university days.

She not only revisited it but began working on it afresh so as to bring it to life. After hard work and consistent efforts over several months, she proudly became the founder of IndThemes. 

Her responsibility at the company has been manifold, as she expresses in her speech when she recently won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at TruTech Awards. She worked upto 20 hours each day for more than half a year to keep this website running and to keep it improving every day.

Today, one can say her efforts have paid off and IndThemes is a highly reputed one of its kind website that provides solutions to the average consumer. 

Mark Hill - Writer

It has been six years now since Mark Hill first began covering news on technology. Though it began out of his love for the tech, it grew into his profession and gave him all the name and fame he has today. 

Mark joined the IndThemes team in the early phase when the company was around one year old. Along with him, he brought some new ideas that he had been toying with at Princeton from where he had recently graduated. 

His unique creative streak led to the redefining of IndThemes and there has been no looking back since then. He has defined content writing not only for his company but for the entire industry where he has become a tall figure at the young age of 28. 

He plans on updating the style, content, and the technique of content at the website at frequent intervals so as to keep up with the younger generations and changing times of the technology world.