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With online apps and platforms on the rise with the advancing technology, the opportunity to express one’s opinion is not hard to come by. A large population of people has replaced newspaper and paper books for the blog, novels, and articles on the internet.

For this reason, WordPress has become a hub of writers and readers. From political views to novels, everything is accessible on this platform for the readers to gorge on. Its growing popularity stems from the fact that it offers a number of options to its writers to portray their work and words.

Writers have put it to use for sharing their thoughts and imagination to the world. Many businesses have made the best of it by marketing their products through blog posts. A person can use it only if it is user-friendly. Otherwise, its appeal is caged and its reach is only within those people who are tech-savvy.

This is when free wordpress themes for novelists come in handy. The themes attract and help the novelists get more readers and popularity. This is why a wide range of themes with different advantages are required. These themes are customized for different needs and the user is free to choose from the list of options. There is a wide range of themes to choose from. Let’s look at some of them.

Best free WordPress themes for Novelists

A number of themes for book authors are available on WordPress. Some of the best ones are:

1. Write And Read

With this theme, make your writings and novel the main focus. The Write And Read WordPress Theme is a minimal theme that proves the fact that less is more and proves that it can be counted among the best free WordPress theme for novelist.

It makes sure that the decorations and designs are kept at a backseat and your words are given the spotlight that they deserve. It supports the page templates of normal page and full-width page. It supports multilingual writings which make it easier for the writer to reach out to a larger audience worldwide.

  • The details of the writings can be customized as per the needs and choice of the user, for example, the title color layout template, etc.
  • Since a lot of people mostly using mobile phones and tablets for writing books and novels right has been specially designed for such devices and its compatibility is unparalleled.
  • Custom widgets are also supported by this theme from WordPress
  • Main navigation and footer social links are also supported by Write in the menu option.

2. Candour

Simple yet creative writers and novelists can make the best use of it. It is extremely easy to use under gives a bloat-free experience to the user. It is quite versatile as it has four different layouts and the one which is needed by the user can be picked. Then these layouts can be put to use but before doing that a demo can be seen to check how the end result will look. The life customization of options and modes of this theme allows the user to choose what to change and how to change it.

  • This theme supports Search Engine optimization as it promotes the use of keywords, getting it a higher ranking, using tags and a good network of internal site linking.
  • It has documentation of all the queries that you might have during use and because it is user-friendly not much effort has to be given to set this theme up.
  • Child theme is included with this so that a novel writer on novelists can set this theme.
  • The presence of demo content helps the user to see how the final theme is going to look before permanently applying it.

3. Qwerty

It has a reputation for being user-friendly because of its simple interface. It supports WordPress and the menu can be customized so that the user can work his way through the details of this theme. Complete support to visits gives greater accessibility of the user to this theme.

This theme is supported on Android iPads and iPhones making it quite widely acceptable by mobile phone users. the feature of field after completion through ajax is possible using this theme.

  • It keeps the focus on your novel and highlights the textual parts.
  • It is extremely easy to use and no guideline is needed even for a novice user.
  • The simplicity of this theme is its main attraction and the name itself suggests that the words are the highlights of this theme.
  • The menu can be customized as per the needs of the user and the options in the theme can be customized as well.

4. Writers

The writer’s theme is best used for novelists and authors who want a simple approach to their work and do not want to overshadow the brilliance of their words with heavy decorations. The minimalistic approach it puts across to which audience attracts greater pair of eyes, making it one of the most popular free WordPress themes for novelists.

The name of the theme itself shows that it is one of the best choices for serious writers who want to portray their work to the world in a simple yet engaging manner. Mostly novelist authors and long blog post writers are the ones who use this theme the most and the best.

  • The simple yet modern design given by this theme gives out a contemporary vibe to the writer’s work
  • The novel or book is written can be SEO friendly which it is built to do so by the theme itself.
  • SEO optimization is possible through this theme and it makes sure that your content is SEO friendly so that it can reach out to a greater target audience
  • There are customization options in menu design and layout which can be chosen accordingly by the user.

5. Cols Theme

Its main feature is that it gives the focus on the entire storyline that you want to portray rather than disturbing it with the details of layout and designs. This thing is specially made for novels and its simplicity is quite powerful in attracting the attention of its audience. It has not been disturbed much with a ton of superior pictures and designs attached to this theme what is clean-cut show of the words written by the novelist for writer gets featured the most.

This is why it is mostly preferred by novel writers and book authors. They like focusing the attention on their work and not on the additional features surrounding the words.

  • This theme sports a simple style which is clear cut in approach.
  • Despite its simplicity, it has a stronghold over the attention of the people and commands a number of people’s eyes on it.
  • It has a pretty standard layout which resembles that of a newspaper.
  • It supports the insertion of images videos and other formats.

6. Audax

It has been designed and developed by Hugo Baeta. Its existence has been created to be a part of the Five Themes created by Hugo. The name of this theme has originated from the word ‘bold’ in Latin.

It is an extremely useful WordPress theme that is used for long-form content. A novel or book is usually quite lengthy and thus those formats fit perfectly with this theme. these long texts are showcased quite well with the use of this theme in WordPress and it graphs the attention of many making the content and books quite popular.

  • It is an excellent highlighter of lengthy textbooks and novels.
  • This theme is compatible over multiple devices making its reach wider
  • Its special typography centered layout is its greatest feature which makes it popular among writers
  • The readability of material using this theme is very high and gives an enjoyable experience to the readers

7. JustWrite

It does not take a genius to figure out that the title of this theme shows just how important the writing is. This is what makes it one of the best free WordPress themes for novelists. With the novels and books as the central focus of this theme, it makes sure that your words do not go unnoticed or overshadowed by the external designs which are not a part of the content. It facilitates easy writing and sharing of stories to the audience without messing it up with tons of extra ornamental facilities.

  • Featured images can be easily inserted into the content giving it a graphical boost to entertain and engage the audience.
  • The homepage layout can be easily created by the user himself.
  • A number of customization options are given to the users so that all his needs can be fulfilled as per his decisions.
  • It gives a modern approach to writing without shifting the focus of the novel.

8. Hew

This theme is mostly suitable for a novel like blogging of long length yet it is suitable for writing books and novels as well. This theme provides an attractive appearance on WordPress to give your content that extra power to grab the attention of the readers and keep it for long. With this theme some changes can be made in the content so that a personalized effect can be given to the text. It gives relief from the monotonous book like structure which only has words in them.

  • There are colorful options that can be inserted in the text for a brighter appearance.
  • The typography is beautiful as well to make the words even more interesting and engaging to the audience.
  • Not only helps to present the story to the audience but also personally connects them on a certain level.
  • Widgets and menu can be customized by the user as per his needs.

9. Libre 2

Every story has a certain level of grace and elegance attached to it. That grace has to be saved for the audience to understand and enjoy. It does not have a very complicated and decorative approach. The minimalist appearance with slide ornamental visual treat it is what makes this theme for use rate among writers who want an elegant style to be portrayed in their work.

  • It is best suited for long-form content posts and books.
  • it gives a lot of attention to typography which makes the words appear more beautiful and regal.
  • It also facilitates a number of quotes to be inserted with your story before sharing it with the world.
  • It gives out a clean look and a fresh modern vibe to the readers.

These are some of the best free wordpress themes for novelists. Their use can be ascertained by the writer himself. The variation in features gives each of these themes a certain distinction from each other. It not only makes writing better but gives reading a much-needed boost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about free WordPress themes for Novelists

  1. What are the best themes for writers?

These are a number of themes available for a writer to choose from. The personal preference of the writer and his perception is the most important judging criteria here. The style of writing, the genre of the content, the emotions behind and its general appeal are the biggest deciding factors of which theme to go for.

Write And Read & Candour are the most widely used themes by novelists. The professional appeal the former one has given more of a serious aura to the writer. On the other hand, the latter can be easily used by professionals as well as the public and bloggers.

  1. Are all the themes in WordPress free?

Like all good things, it is not free. There are some themes that are free to use. No charges have to be paid on them for the user to install them and put them to use. There are some themes that need to be paid for. You need to choose if you want to go for the themes that are free to use for all or go for a paid theme which requires a cost to be incurred.

The money to be paid has to be compared with the benefit that can be derived from its use. If it is worth the money, go for the paid ones. Else the free ones are always at your service.

  1. What is the difference between free and premium WordPress themes?

The free themes on WordPress are usually created and developed buy independent app makers. These makers have little to no financial and technical support to make these themes and launch them.

Sometimes big shot creators also provide free themes for advertisement and on a trial basis. They are usually used by most people and these things can be readily seen on the Internet because of its free of cost property. The premium WordPress themes, on the other hand, are customized and specific to the needs of the users who pay for them.

The cost of money for the differentiation of the user’s content from the others who use free themes is the biggest reason for it. The difference in appeal and appearance is what sets premium theme users apart from the free theme users.

  1. What is the easiest WordPress theme to use for a layman?

There are a few user-friendly themes on WordPress which can be used even by a layman without deep technical knowledge. These themes are usually used by novice writers and authors.

For the most part Mont Blanc is one of the most easily used themes available on WordPress. It is suitable for all kinds of content and writings on the WordPress site. The multiplicity of its uses is the reason why it is so popular among people. It is extremely flexible for the users and suits their needs with customized options. the various homepage styles are also an attractive reason for more traction towards this theme.

  1. How to choose a theme for a novel?

It is always important to know what kind of novel the writer is aiming to write, the setting of the novel and the theme attached to it greatly influence the theme to be chosen on WordPress. Variable customization options are always a win when you want to go for a novel. Ease in use is another facility that needs to be taken into consideration as change in choices and decisions can be easily implemented through that.

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So, here ends our research for some of the best free WordPress themes for Novelists. We thoroughly discussed a number of themes suited for this purpose. We also dealt with the most frequently asked questions related to the best wordpress ‘free’ themes for novelists, authors or writers.

In conclusion, we hope that going through the above discussion has been a fruitful exercise for you. You can trust our recommendations and make the right pick. We hope that the above-mentioned information helps your novels reach more audience in the coming future. All the very best! Keep writing…. 🙂


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