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Real estate business is highly competitive and dynamic. As they say in business ‘no risk, no gain’, taking chances and making the best of opportunities at hand is what makes any business successful. The number of clients in this business might be lower than the others but the money made by an agent or an agency of them is quite huge. This is why it is important for one to know how to rope in the big clients who will bring a big box to the accounts of the real estate agency. 

Since the value of the real estate is never out of demand, there are clans always available while looking for a new property or state to reside in or invest their money in. The fastest way to grab attention is to have a good website theme. This is why we present to you the best free WordPress themes for real estate websites that will get you clients without making a substantial investment. 

The best free real estate WordPress themes are:

  1. HomeLand


It is quite easy to work with this WordPress theme so that your work can be done without delay. Even with the time crunch hanging over the head, one can blindly go with ‘Real Estate’ when it comes to speedily setting up a site for real estate business.

  • The sample given by this theme works the quickest and the best for any new user of WordPress. 
  • It saves a lot of time and not much effort has to be given into deciphering how to use this theme for the better of business. 
  • With any page builder like Elementor, it is very easy to customise the different settings of this WordPress theme to make sure that its details are what cater to your needs the best.
  • It is highly SEO-friendly and compatible with almost all web browsers.
  1. Datarc

If you are looking for an extraordinary web design solution with a multi-concept feature for the online site of your business, you do not have to look for anything other than Datarc.

  • It has over a hundred website packs available with this theme which is sure to give you the thematic experience of your dreams.
  • The drag and drop page building technique makes it even more convenient for the user to alter the theme.
  • It has an extremely attractive listing page and stickers which are ideal for real estate business and is sure to make the audience stay more on your online site.
  • It has a number of several, well-sorted and colourful displays included in the theme.
  1. Leramiz

Leramiz is one of the best and most versatile WordPress themes that can be put to good use by a real estate business. It can be rightly called one of the best free wp real estate themes because of its tailor-made features for this particular business.

  • It provides useful facilities for real estate listings and also gives adequate provisions for updating it.
  • The web design with all the utilities has been officially made by professionals 
  • Though this theme can be accessed free of cost, its beauty, professional appeal and systematic layout do not reflect hit to the general public at all.
  • The call-to-action button that is placed just under the search bar makes it so easy for the uses that you do not have to scroll the page to start browsing for real estates.
  1. Homespace

It is not possible to make a list of the best free wp real estate themes and not put Homespace in it.

  • The layout that suits the needs of the users the best can be chosen from the multiple options given to him and it can be effectively customised with the help of Elementor.
  • Dragging, dropping and other technical-laden programming work does not need to be done by the user as the burden of it is taken by the theme itself.
  • The simplicity of this is commendable and it is user-friendly.
  • There is a facility to lock down the location given from the address.
  1. Bluesky

The greatest advantage of using the blue sky for real estate business site is a modern approach with the contemporary style yet maintains a very elegant appearance overall.

  • Promotion of new property becomes very easy while using this WordPress theme as the recent ones can be highlighted in it.
  • The highly advanced search bar makes it easier for people to search for real estates and apartments as per their choice and needs.
  • The highly enigmatic home page and the equally impressive internal pages are sure to turn heads and amaze people.
  • It is user-friendly as it is easy to edit and compatible with mobile phones as well.
  1. South

The professional look provided by this theme gives it an edgy look. This WordPress theme seems to be tailored for real estate business as the features have a combination of utilities which a real estate agent looks for.

  • The smart look that is provided by the theme gives it a serious approach to the users which shows that the theme means business.
  • Building a website using this theme is quite quick and effective as most of the hard work that has to be put in to build a website is automatically done by the theme.
  • Built on the grid system, Bootstrap, kids shoes its hi compatibility with mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices.
  • It has an edgy appearance which never fails to charm people.
  1. Sel

Sel is rightly counted among the best free WordPress real estate themes as it’s built-in features is an app for ceiling and pushing a property of any sort. 

  • It is highly effective for building a website which is newly emerging or recently been created.
  • Its simple appearance is its greatest strength and the sorted layout provided by this theme has a different appeal among the audience.
  • Not only the content of the theme itself can be recreated to suit the needs of the user.
  • The simple yet crafty design of this thing is sure to give your website a professional look  without making it seem too uptight.
  1. Real Estate

It would be a shame to compile a list for the best free wp real estate themes without putting the ‘Real Estate’ theme on it. It is perfect for listing high-value properties, villas and apartments up for sale.

  • The template has only one page which makes it easier for the user as he or she does not have to move back and forth all the time.
  • With this theme, your website automatically attracts the attention of the people 
  • The presentation of the theme is quite simple and direct which makes everyone’s task easier.
  • The advanced search button allows the user to choose to look for an apartment or real estate as per his or her specific needs.
  • Unique features like pictures from the gallery, the most viewed properties and the reasons why they should be chosen over the others are also available with this theme.
  1. The estate

Somewhat rhyming with the words the estate, this WordPress theme is also popular among real estate business people for building an effective and productive website. 

  • Because of its Bootstrap Framework build, it is extremely user-friendly and the operator does not need to have a lot of technical knowledge for putting it to use.
  • The multiple features and facilities which are possessed and provided by this theme do not show at all that it is available for free.
  • There is an advanced search button so that the user can easily search for properties.
  • Contact page facilitated with Google maps and full-slide page show only a part of the features it possesses.
  1. Bobsled

Colour is what attracts the audience the most towards trusting and online website and this theme does justice to that criteria. The simplicity of the single page template shows how powerful it can be with its minimalist feature.

  • The segments and facilities that are provided by this theme are custom-made for a real estate business.
  • The blue gradient that is provided for inserting the picture gives it a pop of colour and makes it bright and attractive.
  • It can be easily customised as it is user-friendly and it has been built on Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 framework.
  • Table, form, radio gallery, etc are provided to make it aesthetically pleasing to the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About WP Real Estate Themes:

  1. Are all the WordPress themes free?

Yes, all the themes in the list above is absolutely free. WordPress has a wide range of themes for different purposes websites belongs and content.

However,  full versions are only for premium users who pay for the theme and the entire settings of the theme. Independence which one you want to go for with respect to your content or website and what kind of audience you want to cater to. The best free WordPress real estate themes are the ones that give you all the benefit without costing a dime.

  1. How do the themes help in the real estate business?

Real estate business is highly competitive and the agency try to take any opportunities they can lay their hands on. A large part of the audience is highly influenced by the first impression of the website and the content that is posted by the agency regarding its operations. 

Now the key is to grab the attention and hold on to it long enough to convert them into customers. Having an attractive and colourful website theme makes it look beautiful and urges the people to pay attention to it. Apart from that, the layout of the themes is very important for displaying the different functions and utilities of the services provided by the agency.

  1. What is the most important factor while choosing a WordPress theme for real estate business?

There are several factors which can get easily influence the choice of the WordPress theme for real estate business. Some of them might be related to the aesthetic appeal of the theme which pleases the eyes of the audience and some go for the colours and the decor in order to make it look elegant and sophisticated. 

While these are all superficially important factors of determining the attention of your audience towards the website one of the main factors still remains how well it presents the description and the notes of the website. The layout designs how the information is to be displayed to the general public and the segregation of one topic from the other.

  1. Does WordPress only provide specific themes for real estate?

A number of themes are provided by WordPress for different businesses, blogs, newspapers, mail and other content structures. Though there might be some suggested themes for specific businesses, it is given only as a suggestion by WordPress on the internet. 

There is no compulsion that a business dealing with real estate has to be pigeonholed into using a specific type of theme. There are multiple themes available to the user and he or she is free to choose from its pool. Some of them might be free the others might be paid ones.

  1. Are our WordPress themes appropriate for real estate business?

Yes, WordPress themes that are provided by WordPress for real estate business are well-suited for website and online content. There is a large category of different layouts, prints, colours and styles to choose from. The right choice of WordPress theme can be made by determining the section of the online site to be highlighted. 

There are a number of minimalist themes in which the background has been kept quite simple and elegant to attract the main focus on the content of the business if you want to go for a simple approach. However, there are highly decorative and colourful themes which go all out in grabbing someone’s attention.


These are some of the best free WordPress real estate themes that real estate business people and website creators swear by. The confluence of their varied features and functions carried out by each of these themes is what makes them rightfully appropriate for a real estate business. Be it strictly professional or slightly casual, the themes from this list are sure to fulfill all your needs and boost your booming business.



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