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Business nowadays is constantly changing, and the high competition is forcing people to up their game and bring out the best in them. In business, it is all about the margins when it comes down to building a customer base or a band of loyal followers. You never know which aspect of your business might attract the most customers. This is the reason a business should take every single step that is available to them for setting up a database for a strong, competitive position in the market. Everything has gone online nowadays and so has a business. 

An attractive online website or an enigmatic theme can turn the entire look of the business around in the people’s eyes by 360 degrees. Due to this reason, WordPress has been in high demand for different businesses to get attractive themes for free. The functionality that CMS has provided use users in the year has been transformed into a treasure box of options to cater to the needs of its users. The best free WordPress themes for business with a slider that have been created by the CMS and provided for people to use greatly attractive for corporate use and attract many people due to its slider feature which gives it an edgy look along with the professional domain. 

The best free WordPress themes for business with sliders are:

  1. Antreas

Antreas is quite a popular business website theme, which is available for free on WordPress. The business development features that are integrated into this WordPress theme are impressive and appropriate for web designers of any skill level.

  • There is no computer coding involved for achieving the professional look results from it and because of that its simple to use increases by manifolds.
  • Greater opportunities for exploring to winder markets can be within the reach of a business with the use of the modern mix of grids and layouts in this theme.
  • It can make a wonderful impression on the audience that is viewing its website as the different aspects of the business including the price tables are broken down and arranged systematically.
  • The settings of the theme are in the hands of the user. The WordPress customer user has given the power of choosing the feel and look of theme to the web designer or creator of the website.
  1. Activello

One of the biggest wrong moves that a business takes is that to look very sleek and professional, they end up creating a boring website with no color. This lessens the attention span of the audience towards the business and hampers it. Activello is there to save you from the boring business themes and this monotonous appearance.

  • The WordPress theme is highly customizable. The contemporary look that it imparts to the entire website catches the eye of the audience.
  • With a wide range of colors to choose from the theme actively of WordPress ads a lot of visual aesthetics to the business website and makes it a treat for the eyes.
  • The customizable features are readily present in this theme. Features like customizable API, post sliders and social icon are provided with this theme.
  • All of these features combined have a lot of power in establishing and promoting the brand by strengthening the customer base with its attractive looks.
  1. Allegiant

Not everyone who owns a business knows to code. It takes years to learn website designing properly as it can be quite complicated. Normal executives cannot be expected to know the details of it. This does not become an issue while dealing with the Allegiant WordPress theme as no coding knowledge is required for putting it to use.

  • Features like wonderful UI design for ease of use by different businesses and seamless integration makes it a wonderful theme for websites.
  • In just a couple of minutes of use, sliders and logos can be inserted in this theme, which makes it more attractive and decorator at the same time.
  • It is quite a popular choice for entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world because coding is not required here.  
  • The layout of this theme is responsive and it is perfect for building a business website, which climbs up the SEO ladder.
  1. Portum Clean

If you have a personal business or a freelancing business, then the Portum Clean theme available on WordPress is the one to go for. The sophisticated and stylish design that this theme is built with accentuates the work and text inserted inside the templates to build a creative website.

  • This theme is also compatible with multiple devices like desktop, mobile phones, retina screens and even on web browsers.
  • The experience of working on this theme is very smooth and simple, irrespective of which device is chosen to work on it.
  • There are several outstanding layouts available with this theme out of which the user can choose the most attractive one and then add to its value with its content.
  • The decorative part of the theme has already been taken care of so that you do not have to spend your time and energy on making it look better.
  • The entire focus of the user can be given towards the marketing strategies and creating worthwhile content.
  1. Neville

For most of the websites, a lot of time and effort have to be put to customize it to make it look presentable and functional. This free theme from WordPress is a hassle-free theme in which the theme has been pre-made so that a load can be taken off the user’s shoulder.

  • It is especially perfect for you if you want to give it a journal-like feeling or you are in the newspaper, books or magazine business.
  • Editing every page, every slide and every section of this theme is a very easy and good experience for or a user as there are multiple options given for easing the user interface.
  • This theme is supported by the WordPress plugin, which is used to customize the design and add more effect and functionality to this theme.
  • The unique custom design module allows the user to use italic and bold characters in the title to amplify the emphasis of the header.
  1. Portum Material

Portum Material is one of the best free WordPress themes for business with a slider that can be readily used for creating stylish landing pages and websites for a successful business. It creates an online space for a business, an agency or any freelancer for an effective impression on the viewers. 

  • The simple yet clear-cut look provided by this theme gives the website a clean appearance so that the entire focus of the audience does not get distracted on anything other than the content.
  • The evolving trends in web development are also included in this theme so that the user is the beneficiary of all sides. 
  • There is an attractive slider that is available in this theme with the users will see at first and it is also facilitated with a dropdown menu with multiple levels.
  • That is a separate portfolio section in the theme and animated statistical display is also available in it.
  1. WP Corporate

As the name suggests, the WP corporate theme is one of the best free WordPress themes for business with slider. The professional look provided by this theme is perfect for presenting a layout for a corporate being. 

  • Any section of any blog of any page can be conveniently edited by the user with the help of customizable features that are integrated into this WordPress theme.
  • It has a distinct feature of all page sliders in which the entire website can be built with pages presented as slides so that the attractive question of the website increases by manifolds.
  • There are configuration options that are available to the user as well so that the details of the website can be chosen and changed as per the will of the user.
  • It is a user-friendly theme which is very simple to use and understand for a new user as well.
  1. One Page Club

It is extremely convenient to set up the One Page Club theme in just a matter of minutes which an intelligent and easily customizable editing options. Due to this reason, it can be rightly named among the best free WordPress themes for business with slider.

  • Though the name of the theme is One Page Club, there are many pages and options available in it.
  • this theme is especially suitable for businesses and blogs to prosper because of its high SEO compatibility and options available for a higher ranking on search engines all across the world.
  • The web pages can that can be built with the help of this WordPress theme are quite stunning because of its multiple customization options.
  • The WooCommerce integration is also a highly functional feature for customization and is added with this theme.
  1. Business Page

Just like the name of this free theme available on WordPress for users all over the world, the functionality of this theme strictly means business. The stylish looks that are packed in this theme are joined with the responsive facilities that are provided with it to create the perfect mixture for building a successful business website.

  • Changing the details of the theme is extremely easy and can be done by the user in a matter of minutes for or getting a good looking yet functional website.
  • There is support available for all the recent WordPress plugins and a wide range of customization options are available for creating a website that can easily attract the attention of the audience. 
  • This theme is highly compatible with different devices like desktop, mobile phones and retina screens among the others and it is one to try out.
  • Being loaded with parallax sliders, translation is also a feature available in this theme.
  1. Croccante

What is the point of a business website if it is not responsive enough to gain traction from the public? The problem can be solved with this WordPress theme which can be counted among the best free WordPress themes for business with slider.

  • API custom tools and WooCommerce integration are combined to create this genius piece of perfectly responsive theme so that a greater pair of eyes can be drawn towards it.
  • It is an invitation for businesses to grow with the help of its user interface and multiple customization options.
  • The nature of this theme can be conveniently used for seamless integration for an effective appeal of the entire website.
  • Attractive elements like social icons and sidebars are used to ornate your website with this theme and enhance its physical appearance in the eyes of the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Free WordPress Themes With Slider

  1. What is the use of a slider in a WordPress theme?

In a typical theme, there is only one page available for the user to be seen on its website and that single page contains all the information that the business has provided about itself. WordPress theme with slider, on the other hand, provides a decorative look with its slides available in that theme. With one swiping motion or even without swiping, there are different slides available in the same theme or template. In these different slides appear as on PowerPoint wherein one side disappears and the other appears simultaneously. Different slides can be used to portray different sections of the business website and design it systematically.

  1. How to insert an image slider?

An image slider is used to insert images into the theme so that it becomes even more attractive. Pictorial description used in a business can make it seem lighter and more relatable to the audience it is catering to. A business can also use a moving slider for images to grab the attention of the people to its portfolio. Three simple and basic steps need to be followed to insert an image slider to your business website theme. To add homepage slider in WordPress, the following three steps are to be followed:

Step 1. Install the Soliloquy WordPress plugin and activate it

Step 2. Create an image slider with Soliloquy

Step 3. Copy the shortcode for template tag and paste it to the homepage

  1. What is a slider in the WordPress theme for business?

This is a feature that is added to web design or theme in WordPress for business websites, blogs, travel blogs, and other purposes. In its web design technical definition, slider refers to different slider pages that are added to the webpage which appear and disappear in the form of a slideshow. Just like in MS-PowerPoint, one slide appears on the screen and disappears to present the other. In the same way, webpages also make different slides appear and disappear. The feature of adding multiple slide plugins is possible by using WordPress and the slides can be included in the web page using these plugins. This slide can be added into different places like the home page, web page, landing post or otherwise as per the wish of the web designer.

  1. What is one advantage of sliders for application design?

Multiple user interface controls help the audience to be attracted to a website more than the others. These interfaces can be of different types and they act as a factor of differentiation from other businesses of a similar kind. Slides are highly attractive and responsive forms of user interface controls. They provide a pleasurable aesthetic experience to its audience which makes them interested in the business psychologically. The effects that are to be included in the slider can be completely controlled by the user and the different parameters can be set by him as well.

  1. What is the difference between a slider and a carousel?

Most people believe that slider and carousel are the same things but it is not so. In a slide, different pictures and information with effects appear into the screen either by sliding horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom. There is usually a momentum that is added to it in between each slide show so that the transition appears to be smooth and seamless. On the other hand, a carousel is responsible for radially rotating a picture and uses the depth and distance of a field for adding a 3D feel to it. The rotation always occurs on a Nexus wherein the image is always facing the user.

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These are 10 of the best free WordPress themes for business with slider. An ordinary WordPress theme without a slider will do for a business website as well but the added decorative feature of a slider available in these themes will accentuate the physical beauty of your website. The highly functional, compatible and customizable options that are available across all these themes show proof of their effectiveness and the genius of WordPress.  

Allegiant is a versatile option with advanced features. All of these themes are available on WordPress for free so that the user does not have to pay any money for putting them to use. A business can show and you reach greater heights with these options that are available to the users without spending a dime.



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