Support Policy

Product Support Channels

We only receive support in the helpdesk member area. Please send the ticket to receive our support.

We would not give support through email, Facebook, Twitter, or direct phone call.

For membership account or question before buying wordpress themes, please contact us and call the contact information which is available in the contact us page.

We can ask your URL and the data login of your site if it is needed. Our helpdesk member area is closed and secret. Only you and our support team which will know your ticket.

Support Hours

Our support hour is available from Monday to Friday at 08.30 to 17.00 WIB. During those hours, we will try to answer question or support you for less than 12 hours. For further question or technical problem might need longer hours. If all of our support team is offline, we will give the information on the helpdesk dashboard.

Support Coverage

We only receive support for our product. We do not receive support for theme problem which is not bought from IND Themes. We would not responsible for error that happens to customer blog which is caused by customer’s fault (Edit script html, php, css, js, etc.). We will help your problem such as install theme, bug on theme, crash plugin, or other errors before using the theme from IND Themes.


We would not give customization for IND Themes product. The custom that is meant is such as changing design, changing php function, or changing the size of view, logo or banner making, and others. We will give the best to advice or tell you to the right source if we can.

Bug Fixing

This is our commitment to fix the bug as fast as possible. We will also try to give solution through our helpdesk for bug fixing, after that we will renew the core product to the renewing that we schedule.

Close Ticket

If the error problem in your site is fixed, you have to do close ticket in your helpdesk support. We will also do the close ticket automatically if there is no answer from your support ticket in 2 x 24 hours.